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Welcome to Daba-Doo
Specialized Pets Boutique

Founded in 1997, Daba-Doo Collections Company specializes in the manufacture of articles for pets.

The products are recognized for their qualities and their great varieties. The company works with washable and waterproof fabrics.

Sold across Canada and the United States, the company distributes in many assorted colors; panties and restrictive bands for dogs, transport bags such as our ¨Pooch Pack¨ and the ¨Companion¨ pouch, beds and mats for your pet and in different sizes and colours.

And of course the tents , cubes, carriers, hammocks and small leashes for cats.

Daba-Doo Collection also makes hammocks, tunnels and tents for ferrets and rabbits as well as beautiful indoor birdhouses.

Harness for iguana and fire dragon, frisbee, seat belt, snack bag, caps, coats are also produced on site.

Whether for breeding or for simple walks, leashes, chokers and collars are available in different lengths. All products, manufactured in a large choice of colors, are available on the site.

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